Empathy Into Action Foundation

The Empathy Into Action Foundation is a non-profit created to use the arts to create empathy and lead people into action. 


Over and over we’ve seen people’s hearts and minds changed by art. We’ve seen children and youth feel like they have a voice for the first time. We’ve seen people motivated to take action on issues they care about. Art helps to develop empathy and empathy inspires action and that is how we can change the world. 


From bringing “The Body’s Rapture” to rural communities that wouldn’t otherwise be able to host it, to leading writing workshops for children and youth, to facilitating workshops in churches to better lead to trans inclusion, Shannon has been doing this work for over a decade. 


This structure will allow him to do more of this vital work, supporting him in bringing it to places where it was previously inaccessible, and making sure he can do it sustainably. 


You can make a one time or monthly recurring donation here. 


(This organization has a board to oversee fiscal responsibility.)