Today is the 13th anniversary of my chest surgery. I honestly can’t quite believe it. ⁠
Probably the most vital part of my transition in making me feel whole and right in my body. ⁠

When I had surgery there were only 3 or 4 surgeons in the US. I went to Dr. Medalie in Cleveland which meant traveling a lot of hours by car, needing to spend a week in a hotel, and then a painful ride home. Also, insurance covered nothing. I had to pay, out of pocket, in cash, in FULL for the surgery the morning of. It was only due to a fluke error in student loan refunds that I was able to have this surgery when I did.⁠

Recovery was hard in a lot of ways. I was out of work (which meant I was also out of money) for a while. My partner at the time was not super supportive. ⁠

And yet, to be able to feel like this in a shower? To be able to feel at home in my skin? To be able to live and feel euphoric? Worth every cost. ⁠

This surgery saved my life. It continues to save my life. So grateful.