Weekly Bookshelf 82

Weekly Bookshelf

When I go into someone’s house or apartment for the first time, I find myself especially drawn to their bookshelves. I want to see the books that they read and the ones they have on display. I like to know which ones have mattered enough to keep, which ones are dogeared and worn, and which are on the stack to be read next.


Every week I like to share some of the stuff I’ve been reading (and my thoughts on it) with all of you! Please share what you’re reading these days in the comments.

Jumped In by Patrick Flores Scott A young adult book about the power of art and friendship. A young man, abandoned by his mother and living with his grandparents, tries to get through life by being invisible. A new seat mate at school, a teacher who refuses to let him slide by, and a unit on poetry serve to change his life. There are some pretty simplistic elements in this book and the ending left a bit to be desired, but there are also moments of beauty and sweetness. And this is a petty complaint, but the chapter titles were really distracting in this one. It would have been better to just have numbered chapters. I give this one three out of five stars. It was good but I didn’t absolutely love it.

How to Feed A Starving Artist by David duChemin A book for creatives who want to make a living doing their art. The first section was simply a gut check about finances in general; get out of debt, cut your expenses, get a savings account, start investing. All stuff that, if you’ve read books on money, you probably know. A good reminder, though. The rest of the book was really helpful though; different ways to bring in income, overall thinking about about diverse ways to have your art make money, and more. I really appreciated some of the ideas he offered and it got me thinking about more ways I might be able to increase my own income using my skills and talents. I recommend this one.

10 out of 100 books read this year.

What about you? What are you reading this week?

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