When I was in seminary I was struggling to find meaning in my faith. Then an assignment on the Doubting Thomas narrative in my exegesis class changed everything. I suddenly saw myself in the Gospel story for the first time and it made me excited about how my queer and transgender experience might deepen Bible reading for me instead of be a detriment.

Over the course of several months I wrote the Transgender Passion Narrative and it saved my faith. It was the first time in a long time that I felt emotionally engaged with God and with theology. I’m excited to announce the release of the Transgender Narrative in ebook form.

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The original Passion Narrative will remain on this site, for free. I want it to be available for anyone who might find comfort in it.

I am also thrilled to be releasing it in a new format and with a new title. For the first time all of the essays will be gathered together in one beautifully designed ebook. The essays have been edited, a couple have been completely reworked, and there are two new essays that are exclusive to this ebook (and won’t be available anywhere else).


This Narrative has meant so much to my life and faith and I’m thrilled to share it with you in a new way.

May you be blessed on your own journey.