Holding On To Hope


Will you lean in close for a second? I want to talk to you. The world is terrifying. It’s terrifying. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it like this. You can chalk it up to the availability of media or the end times or violence escalating; whatever. It’s terrifying. And close to home we suffer our own wounds and struggles with ourselves, our lovers, our friends, our families. I get it. I’m there with you. I don’t have the answers. But here’s what I am doing:

Listen, I am not an optimistic person. I always go to doom and gloom. But lately? Lately I have double clutched hope with all of my might and refused to let go. Call it Pollyanna, call it denial, I don’t care. I need it. I need to hold it. And I will continue to hold it. For you, too, if you need me to.

If you were here I would hug you hard and hand you a beer and we would sit together and talk. I might embarrass you by crying in public. I might tell you that I love you, right out loud in a restaurant.

Since most of you aren’t here I will leave you these words. And all of my love. For some reason, even though I am hurting, even though I am terrified, my heart just keeps staying open and love keeps pouring out. It’s messy and it’s inconvenient and it’s maybe inappropriate, but there it is.

And today? Today it is enough.

(I originally posted this on Facebook. If you want to share it as a love letter to your friends, too, feel free.)

Photo Credit: photoschafl via Compfight cc

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