It Seems Like Everything Is New


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Just a quick update on my world!

Spent last week back East with my family. It was both wonderful and difficult (as time with my family usually is). I had a great time going to see my little brothers play in their t-ball and little league games. We did a lot of backyard catch. I took the whole family to a Phillies game (including the all important ice cream with sprinkles in a little batting helmet).

I also took the time to visit my father’s grave. (I wrote a bit more about that experience yesterday.) It was a hard thing but I’m really glad I got the chance to do it.

I got back late Saturday night and on Sunday got up and went to my first official day at the new church job. I was warmly welcomed and got to start meeting some of the kids and families. I’m looking forward to the challenges and excitements that are ahead.

Sunday night a group called the Midtown Community hosted a “Friendraiser” for Uprising Theatre Company. It’s a way to generate a lot of ideas and connections on a projects “stuck places”. I was interviewed by one of the hosts and got to share the story behind Uprising, what we’re hoping to do, and where we are a bit stuck. Then people went to tables to share their ideas, moving around to spark new conversations. I haven’t gotten the results back yet (they compile them in an ebook and send them to me), but I think it’s going to be a massive help. I’ll write up a fuller report once I get the ebook back. But I left the event feeling even more excited about the future of Uprising. People are so excited about the idea (and about our cool t-shirts) and it just gets me fired up about the work.

So far this week I’ve spent a lot of time in my new office trying to make it feel like mine. Hanging pictures, putting my books on the shelves, making sure I have the tools to do my work (pens I like, a cork board, a white board, etc.), and going through years of old files trying to decide what to keep and what to toss.

On the homefront I’ve been continuing to scan all of my photos and have moved on to scanning documents as well; hauling bags of trash out to the dumpster/recycling and continuing to make space.

I just registered for NerdCon in October. It’s happening here and the theme is Stories! Yay!

Right now it feels like everything in my life is being uprooted and overturned. All of the things that I thought were settled are coming undone. But I am oddly happy about it all. I feel slightly unsettled but even that has more of a tinge of hope and growth than one of uncertainty or despair. I feel like things are opening up, that I’m making space, and that something amazing is going to grow out of the upturned earth.

Thanks for being there through all of it. I feel so lucky to have you all in my life.

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