A Date With Yourself

Julia Cameron’s “Artist’s Way” continues to be a lifesaver for me. If you can get past some of the woo-y language and the “all things will manifest” nature of it, the bedrock of her approach comes down to two things: Morning Pages and the Artist’s Date. I’ve written before about how vital Morning Pages are… Continue reading A Date With Yourself

When You Are Tired And Crabby

The alarm goes off and I roll out of bed and stumble into the shower. I’m already thinking about an afternoon nap before I’ve even had my morning coffee. I just can’t seem to get enough sleep these days; even when I go to bed earlier. Even when I sleep well. I head out the… Continue reading When You Are Tired And Crabby

Save The Drama For Your Mama…Except Don’t.

My friend’s question is simple: Do you think there is a correlation between people who are smart/creative/entreprenurial and personality types that feed off of drama? Possibly even invent drama? He asks me the question and I laugh. Without even thinking I say, “Absolutely. Without a doubt.” I know the answer because I deal with it… Continue reading Save The Drama For Your Mama…Except Don’t.

Johnny Cash and Legacy

I’ll confess, I only bought the album because I was curious and because I wanted one song; Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails. Cash had just died and I wanted to feel like I understood why people were mourning. I bought the cd, listened to it maybe a couple times and then… Continue reading Johnny Cash and Legacy

How I Get It All Done

The other week someone asked me, “How do you manage to get everything done?” Yes, it’s true I have a lot going on in my life: I work 30 hours a week as a Faith Formation director at a church, I co-run QueerTheology.com, I run Uprising Theatre Company, I try to write regularly for this… Continue reading How I Get It All Done

Rejection Sucks

At the beginning of the year I declared that this would be my year of “Turning Pro.” I set a goal to apply to ten writing related things by the end of the year. At this point in the year I have already hit my goal of ten applications. On top of that I applied… Continue reading Rejection Sucks

Am I Good Enough

How do I know if I’m good enough? It’s the question that rattles in my brain day after day. How do I know if I’m good enough? What does it mean to be “good enough”? What will make you feel successful? They are asking to try to get me to be easier on myself. But… Continue reading Am I Good Enough

Clear It Off

It’s amazing how quickly my desk becomes a collecting site for all of the various pieces STUFF that come in to my apartment. Random collections of mail and bills to deal with, office supplies, pens, an external hard drive or two. Then there is the stuff that stays on there: a couple of lamps, some… Continue reading Clear It Off

Get It All Done

Did you get everything done you wanted to do today? It’s an innocent question. It comes from someone who is actually interested in me and my work and how my day went, and in the moment I can’t really explain why, but it rankles me. I feel myself getting frustrated and annoyed. A little defensive.… Continue reading Get It All Done

Where Is The Magic Bullet

I keep thinking there is some kind of magic bullet. The thing that will make everything fall into place. Maybe it’s the blog post that goes viral enough that my site gets consistent views forever more. Maybe it’s the single large financial award that allows me to pay my bills for a year. Maybe it’s… Continue reading Where Is The Magic Bullet

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