Seeing Himself On Stage (Lavendar Magazine)

While some may think theatre is just dressing up and imagining things, it’s much more than that. At the root of it, theatre is about storytelling and sharing the human experience. That’s why Shannon TL Kearns, artistic director for Uprising Theatre Company, started performing and writing theatre at a young age. If you grew up as a self-described “theatre kid”, you know the feeling of being in the theatre at your school or local community center. There is a sense of belonging and almost safety when you’re around those people, and for Kearns, it saved his life.

“It gave me a place where I could be myself, where I could ask hard questions, where I could make sense of the world around me,” Kearns explained. 

Kearns grew up in Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania before moving to Minneapolis in 2009. It was while attending Grace College that he started writing full length plays. His plays would serve as a contrast to old theatre standards like Arsenic and Old Lace and You Can’t Take It With You that his college was usually producing.

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