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Homosexuality and the Bible/Church/etc.


  • Is the Homosexual My Neighbor? By Letha Dawson Scanzoni and Virginia Ramey Mollenkott
  • What the Bible Really Says about Homosexuality by Daniel Helminiak
  • Jesus, the Bible, and Homosexuality by Jack Rogers
  • God and the Gay Christian by Matthew Vines
  • The God Box by Alex Sanchez
  • The Church and the Homosexual by John J. McNeill
  • Freedom Glorious Freedom by John J. McNeill
  • Taking A Chance on God by John J. McNeill


  • Fish Out of Water
  • For the Bible Tells Me So

Some links:

Gender Identity 101

Secular Gender Resources

Gender Identity and Expression
What Does “Cisgender” mean?
* Whipping Girl by Julia Serano
* She’s Not There: A Life In Two Genders by Jennifer Finney Boylan

Transgender People and the Bible/Church/etc.

  • Trans-gendered: Theology, Ministries, and Communities of Faith by Justin Tanis


Privilege and Power:

Solidarity Work:

  • Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire

Queer Theology:


  • Jesus Acted Up by Robert Goss
  • Queering Christ by Robert Goss
  • Balancing on the Mechitza by Noach Dzmura
  • Radical Love by Patrick Cheng
  • From Sin to Amazing Grace by Patrick Cheng
  • Rainbow Spirituality by Patrick Cheng
  • The Queer God by Marcella Althaus Reid

New Church Starts/Church Planting:

  • On the Verge by Alan Hirsch
  • Seven Practices of Effective Ministry by Andy Stanley
  • Making Vision Stick by Andy Stanley
  • Rebuilt by Michael White
  • Tools For Rebuilding by Michael White
  • Deep and Wide by Andy Stanley
  • Church Unique by Will Mancini
  • Planting Churches in the 21st Century by Stuart Murray
  • Launch by Nelson Searcy
  • Starting from Zero with $0 by Becky Garrison


  • Communicating for a Change by Andy Stanley
  • The Critical Journey by Janet O. Hagberg
  • Contagious Generosity by Chris Willard
  • The Church of Mercy by Pope Francis
  • Living Your Strengths by Albert L. Winseman
  • The Prophetic Imagination by Walter Brueggemann

The Resurrecting Faith Series