Today is a day of rejections. Two in one day (so far).

I know it’s part of the process. That you put yourself out there and sometimes you get rejected. I know that my work isn’t a right fit for every opportunity. I know that this is just how it goes. And it still hurts.

I know that I will keep going. That I will submit again tomorrow. That I will keep writing. And it still hurts.

I know that it was an honor to be a finalist. I am so grateful for my work to have make it that far and to be recognized in that way. And it still hurts.

I’ve gotten a lot better at handling the rejection. It used to lay me out for like a week. Now it’s only a couple of hours. But it also feels important to say that it still hurts. Even when you know it’s coming, even when it’s part of the process.

So this afternoon I’m just going to let it sting and then I’m going to get back to work.

Because even when it hurts I am strong and resilient and I know my voice and my work matter.

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Photo Credit: Sean MacEntee Flickr via Compfight cc