It is finally here! A couple of months ago, I put out a call for a Queer Theology Synchroblog and today is the day we all share our posts! This is the day when we speak for ourselves, when we inspire others, when we share the gift that queer theology is to the world.


If you still want to participate but haven’t submitted your post yet, feel free to put a link in the comments. I will be updating this post to add more entries as they come in! My entry is over on the Camp Osiris blog.


The theme for this year is “The Queer God”.


the Anarchist Reverend shares his thoughts on the Queer Christ over on the Camp Osiris blog.

Peterson Toscano shares “The Lost Gospel of Thaddeus.”

Shirley-Anne McMillan writes about Mother Christ.

Adam Rao shares why he is not participating in today’s synchroblog.

Kaya Oakes writes about God, the Father/Mother.

Brian Gerald Murphy talks about A God Bigger Than Boxes.

Clattering Bones writes about The Queer God.

Daniel Storrs-Kostakis writes writes about An Icon of God.

Jack Springald writes about Avalokitesvara and queering gender.

Amaryah Shaye Armstrong writes about Inclusion and the Rhetoric of Seduction.

Jamie-Sue Ferrell shares Love, Us.

Unchained Faith writes about The Breastfeeding Father.

B Cubbage writes about The Love of the Queer God.

Harriet Long writes Re-membering My Body – The Queer God, The Queer Christ & Me.

Grace writes about What the Queer God Means to Me.

Delfin writes about The Divine Scoundrel.

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