I’m on a retreat this week and it is glorious! I’m staying at a monastery and I have no agenda other than to rest, pray with the brothers, and read. That’s it.

This is my first full day and already I am feeling more relaxed and at peace. I am appreciating the silence. I am connecting to my spirit in a way I haven’t done in a while.

Every time I come here I remind myself that I need to make this a priority; to come back at least once a year. And then I go home and make excuses about time and energy and how much I have to do and… I just need to make this a priority.

Once I realized that I was in danger of burning out it was easy to find the time in my calendar (even if it meant looking out a month or so). So I need to make sure that I carve out the time in advance and then protect it.

The world does not end if I stop working for a week. It does not end if I take time away. And that’s a good reminder for me; my work matters but so does my health and well-being. And I cannot do my work if I am burnt out and dried out.

We have to take care of ourselves, friends. Especially those of us called to hard creative and spiritual work. Especially those of us from marginalized communities.

So how will you care for yourself today?

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Photo Credit: Daniel_Sutton Flickr via Compfight cc