You know, this video is really gonna turn people off to your ideas.

You know, the way you are dressing is really gonna confuse cisgender folks.

You know, the words you use… the tone you use… the way you speak is going to alienate folks.

It happens every day from trans folks expressing their gender in the way they want to, to Brian and I doing new types of theology, to every time I respond angrily.

Behind all of these statements is a really simple assumption: Everything we do and say is intended to convince conservative people of our worth.

But what if… and just bear with me now… what if I’m actually just living my life and I don’t give a flying rip about how conservatives feel about me? What if I am creating theology that’s for my own community and I don’t care if some evangelical is convinced by it or not? What if I am wearing the clothes I feel comfortable in no matter what people think about me? What if I am just living my life?

There’s this idea that the only way to advance is incrementally and by winning over the haters. But I don’t believe that’s true. I don’t believe that trying to get in good with the people who are sending me death threats is actually going to be a helpful way to work for advances. I’m also not interested in incremental advances, I am interested in full on liberation and that liberation means the complete eradication of evangelicalism.

Oh. Did I go too far? Did I make you uncomfortable? Good. Evangelicalism is toxic and it’s killing people and I want it gone because I don’t believe that any of us will be free until that brand of political power wedded with shitty exegesis is completely gone. 

And by the way? Evangelicalism is not the Gospel. In fact, there is no Gospel (good news) in evangelicalism except for white straight cis men. But really only a particular kind of white straight cis man.

But I digress: My life isn’t lived to make evangelicals or conservatives like me. The theology I do isn’t designed to convince anyone. Why would I try to convince someone who’s whole worldview I think is trash? The work that I do isn’t for people who have the power it’s for the marginalized. I do work that is aimed at making space for them. I do work that is aimed at being life-giving for them.

So if you think my work is “hurting my cause” then you have completely misunderstood my cause and the reason I do the work that I do.

Because my work isn’t for them. It’s for us.

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