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Making A Vision Board
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I’ve read a lot about Vision Boards. They are tools designed to help you focus your intentions about the life you want to lead. Used a lot by folks who are entrepreneurs or otherwise building a creative life the idea kept coming up in the things I was reading.

I always felt like Vision Boards were a little cheesy. A bit too close to the “name it and claim it” theology that I don’t have much use for.

But, as you know, I am currently unemployed and so I have some extra time on my hands. I thought it might be fun to create a Vision Board just to see how it felt and what came up.

I pulled out a sheet of flip chart paper, some scissors, a glue stick, a sharpie, and a stack of magazines. I started by looking through the magazines for images, words, and/or phrases that jumped out at me.

I’ve written before about how I am a big fan of goal setting. So often in focusing on goals I am focusing on particular projects, the next set of tasks, and how to grow/shift/build things. Working on a Vision Board was different.

I wasn’t focused on specific projects or goals, instead I was taking a longer (and larger) view. What are the things that are really important to me? When I picture my perfect life, what does that include? What does it look like? What are the things that I really value?

I didn’t set down what job or project I want to invest in, how much money I want to make, or where I want to live. Instead I painted with broad strokes: I want a life where I can create, I want to be able to eat good food and drink good drinks, I want freedom, I want a spirituality and religion that is integrated into my life (and I want to have space to practice it). Certainly there were a couple of things about money: I’d like to be debt free, I’d like to have enough money to be able to travel, I’d like a place of my own, and food and drink do cost money. Overall, though, it’s about the kind of life I want to lead.

I took my Vision Board and hung it on my bedroom window where I’ll see it each day. I’ll continue to add to it as I find more pictures and phrases that resonate with me. Having the Vision Board helps me to envision the life I want to be working towards. I hope that it will help me weigh decisions: Does this purchase or job or experience help move me toward the life I want to be living?

This is a time of transition in my life and so it’s a time when I am thinking more deeply about where I am heading. When so many things are up in the air it’s important to get clear about what you really want so that you can head in the right direction. I don’t want to be swept along by panic or circumstance, I want to be making knowledgeable choices that come from the core part of me; the part that is centered and true.

I’m glad that I got past my skepticism and took the time to be creative in this way. I think it’s going to make a big difference in the days and years to come.

How about you? Have you ever made a Vision Board? What was your experience? Does this idea sound helpful? I’d love to hear from you!