in a bit of a digression from my normal posting, i just wanted to share a song with you.

it’s been all of the talk of the christian music world over the past couple of weeks that Jennifer Knapp came out as a lesbian. when i was growing up i loved jennifer knapp’s music. she was one of my favorite singers. her music touched my soul in ways i can’t even explain now. her songs are still some of my favorite to play on the guitar.

i was excited to hear that she had come out. i was happy that she was sharing her truth. happy that she was coming into her own. but i also worried about her. i wanted to hug her, to protect her. i knew she would get trashed by the christian community (and she has). reading the comments on videos of her on youtube and on her facebook page is an exercise in brutality. people saying hateful things. i mean, it’s to be expected given the level of discourse in this country but it’s still sickening.

i downloaded her new album the day it came out. i had always thought she was a wonderful musician and i was excited to hear her new music. i was shocked at how it affected me. first off was just the joy at her being back (she hasn’t performed in seven years). then it was just the joy that someone who spoke to me when i was a teenager was speaking to me again even though i am such a different person now. her words ring with the pain of her journey. of how hard it is to keep secrets. of her fear of the christian community. she articulates the struggle in such a powerful way. and it’s powerful for me to be accompanied in my faith journey by someone who was such an influence to me when i was a teenager.

by the nature of my life and my journey there are very few people who are still a part of my journey that were a part of my journey when i was a teen. so anytime someone who has been a part and can continue to be a part it’s an incredibly powerful experience.

so welcome back, jennifer. and if you ever need support, know that i am here to walk with you on your journey.