i finally sat down and started writing what i hope will eventually be my comprehensive trans theology. it’s going to be a long process as i both research the biblical passages i am basing it on and as i search my own life for how the biblical story interacts with my story.

when i first was reevaluating my theology; progressing from fundamentalist to more liberal, one of the first things that i stopped wanting to deal with was the crucifixion. i was uncomfortable with a theology of atonement, uncomfortable with the glorification of suffering that i saw in so much of conservative theology. i remember being really upset by “the passion of the christ” and feeling like the glorification of death was something that i couldn’t accept.

while i still hate that movie, i have been amazed at how my transition has brought me back to the story of the crucifixion. it started with the story of doubting thomas and his fascination with Jesus’ scars. as someone who lives with scars, i was moved by Jesus’ and Thomas’ interactions post resurrection. could i be that gentle with someone asking to touch my scars? should i be that gentle? the more i thought about the passion narratives in the gospels, the more i saw the parallels to my own transition story.

the journey of Jesus to jerusalem rings with so much truth. it’s filled with pain but also with joy

that is the journey i am hoping to take with you all on this blog. the journey to jerusalem. the journey to crucifixion and then on to resurrection.

i’ll see you at the transfiguration.