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Do you sometimes wish you had someone to walk with you as you embark on creative projects, figuring out your finances, or tackling your schedule? Do you feel like you have a sense of what you want to accomplish but no idea how to get there? I would love to be your coach.

I really love coaching people and helping them achieve their goals. I love the intentional goal setting we do, I love helping people think through blocks and figuring out creative strategies to beat them, I love it when I get emails from people detailing all that they’ve accomplished. I feel like I am being successful when you are succeeding.

I like coming up with the right question that helps you to reframe, coaching you to make a plan that is achievable and sustainable, I like figuring out when you need a gentle nudge and when you need a “get it together” message; basically I like being a coach!

Here’s what Brian has to say about our coaching relationship:

I was drawn to Shay as a coach because he’s actually in it: he’s not one of those coaches that makes a living by telling you how to make a living. He has a full-time job, he started a church which is in its second year now, he’s got a small, profitable web-based business (disclaimer: I’m a partner in that with him), and he’s hustling to start a non-profit social-justice oriented theater company.

I recommend him because of the results—results in what I accomplish and results in how I feel. A short and certainly not exhaustive list of what I’ve accomplished with his support.

* Applied and was accepted to an evening intensive program at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting—a lifelong dream of mine that I’ve put off for over a decade at this point
* I got my health in order. I hadn’t been to the dentist in years and I’ve been saying I want to see a therapist since college (I ended up realizing that I don’t need a therapist as much as I needed to really commit to my checkin/accountability/check-in work with Shay). Shay helped me figure out what was standing in my way and take the steps necessary to get that worked out. I also found an awesome queer-friendly doctor who’s a bit of a legend here in NYC it turns out.
* Am re-opening my web & video business. Developed a plan and am on-track to re-open in mid-March!
* Began exercising regularly and have maintained it! I can both see and feel the positive changes it’s making
* Unblocking my creativity. I started taking singing lessons and dance lessons, have been writing creatively just for fun, and started a daily journaling practice. When I have the tendency to blur the lines between creativity and business, Shay makes sure that I remember to keep some creative activities that are meant simply to nourish me.
* Am making progress on setting and sticking to a budget that works for me and achieving my savings goal. I’m thankful that Shay lets me share as much or as little specifics about my finances as I feel comfortable. Sometimes I want to talk about the big picture issues I’m having or the emotional blocks I’m facing, sometimes I need to confess to him, “I just spent $36 on delivery and only ate half of it.. this is a problem.”

I appreciate that with Shay, I feel good about where I’m at and the progress I’m making—while also accomplishing external, measurable objectives. He helps me move away from calling myself “good” or “bad” and toward labels such “useful,” “efficient” for accomplishing my own goals.

He’s just the right combination of cheerleader and drill sergeant and I seriously can’t imagine what life would be like without his on-going support.

Here’s some of what you’ll get:

A framework for our check ins to keep you on track and help you make specific goals. We’ll adjust if they aren’t working to help you achieve those goals.If you have a system that you like for organization I’ll work with you to maximize it, but if you don’t have a system, we’ll work together to find one (or create one). “Homework” that will help you meet your goals; whether that is a book I think might help on a particular issue or an assignment. Since I read a ton, chances are I know something that will resonate.I help you talk/think through emotional blocks and help you make a plan for busting through those blocks.

This is a new thing, but I thought I would offer. With my schedule I can take on between 5-10 folks who need some coaching. Whether you’re a writer or creative type trying to get on track and tame your schedule (while still holding down your 9-5) or someone trying to launch a new business, or clergy trying to write better sermons and still manage pastoral care, we can make it work.

Maybe you need just a bit of handholding to get your projects moving. Or maybe you need someone on your case every day, helping you stay on track. Whatever you need, we can make a plan together. Each package includes a 45 minute introductory Skype session where we get clear on your goals and what will best help you achieve them.

Here’s the different levels ( but if you think you might need something different or want to consider bartering, let me know!):

The Handhold: Weekly check ins via email $25 a month

The Cheerleader: One 30 minute Skype call a month, plus weekly email check ins $100 a month

The Coach: Two 30 minute Skype calls a month, twice weekly email check ins $200 a month

The Drill Sergeant: Weekly Skype calls, plus daily email check ins $500 a month (Four Three spots still available)

Want to talk more? Just send me an email.