as an addendum to yesterday’s post:

i wanted to give some further thoughts and resources on what it means to be a good trans ally. i said yesterday that most of the time i didn’t mind when people asked me questions about my transition, however there are some guidelines. while a friend might be willing to answer your questions, it’s not a good idea to ask personal questions of someone you just met. and while firsthand information is always the best, it does not excuse you from doing your own homework. it is not the job of the person in the minority to answer all of your questions, especially when there is a plethora of information out there. so to aid you in your research i thought i would provide some resources: is a really great pdf with tips for allies. one of the best resources i’ve found. please read this.

“trans-gendered: theology, ministry, and communities of faith” by justin tanis. one of the best introductions to transgender theology. deals with the biblical “clobber” passages and provides some resources for churches.

“what becomes you” by aaron raz link and hilda link. a book co-written by a mother and her trans son. goes into how their relationship survives and changes over the course of the son’s transition.

“exile and pride” by eli clare. musings on queerness, disability, and living in rural communities. moving and profound.

“just add hormones: an insider’s guide to the transsexual experience” by matt kailey. a very basic book about transitioning and what the person transitioning might go through.

“she’s not there: a life in two genders” by jennifer finney boylan. a memoir of a transwoman. wonderful and moving.

those are a few books to get you started. if you’ve read something else that you think is helpful, please feel free to add it in the comments.