I was working on a post for today and I’m just not quite ready to share it yet. Instead I thought I would just share some miscellaneous thoughts and reflections (some frivolous and some more serious).

it is currently very, very cold in Minnesota. We are snuggling for warmth. This is Winifred (but I call her Fred).
it is currently very, very cold in Minnesota. We are snuggling for warmth. This is Winifred (but I call her Fred).


  • I’m getting ready for my ordination to the Priesthood. It happens in one month and one week. Things are coming together, but there are lot of details still to put into place. The process of planning is teaching me to be more and more comfortable with asking for help. That’s been a theme of my year this year, I think. It’s a good lesson, even when it’s hard.


*I am once again shocked at how expensive vestments are. Oof.


*In planning events like this, I am reminded of my introversion. I have some wonderful friendships. They are deep and strong. Because of my introversion, though, I have a smaller number of friends. Which means that when some of them can’t come to an event (which I totally get; flying to Minnesota isn’t cheap) it makes it hard to fill a room. I don’t mean this to sound self-pitying, it’s just something I am noticing. There are people who can sneeze and fill a 200 person party; I will never be that person. I have to learn to be okay with that.


*Someone shared the following idea on Facebook the other day and I really love it: Start January 1st with an empty jar. As good things happen throughout the year write them on a slip of paper and put them in the jar. On New Year’s Eve read all of the wonderful things that happened. I think I’m going to give this a try this next year.


*I am three books away from hitting my 100 books this year goal. It’s been fun. I’m going to share my top ten books later this month. If anyone wants to write a guest post for January with their favorite books of the year, let me know!


*Music I am loving these days: Frightened Rabbit, Wakey!Wakey!, Fun., and Matisyahu.


*Been thinking a lot about gendered space, the way I move through the world and am perceived, the ways in which men are expected to be and the ways I differ from that. I am very, very thankful for my queerness which has made me think through all of these things and learn how to navigate them. It has also freed me up to be who I am and to worry less about other people’s expectations surrounding gendered behaviour.
*I have been watching “The O.C” and “Supernatural” and really enjoying both.


*Been thinking about guest posts. I’d like to host more people here and I’d like to write in other people’s spaces. If you are interested in either, let me know!


*I’m heading back east in a little over a week to see my family. I haven’t been with my family on Christmas for the past three years. It will be wonderful to not be alone and to get to see my siblings open their presents.


*I got this really awesome calendar and I’m quite excited about it. It lays out the year in the liturgical seasons, including the liturgical colors. Wonderful.


What’s been on your mind lately?

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